Come Out Swinging Concert

September 2016 $11,000 raised

In September we put on a lively music show called "Come Out Swinging" at St. Marys Rugby League Club. We had the renowned Terry Rae Big Swing Band, featuring the legendary trombonist, Ed Wilson. There were dancers and solo singers including Sarah Spillane. Singer songwriter Pat Drummond was the MC and kept the show moving along. The band, singers and dancers donated their services, and St Marys Leagues Club donated their auditorium. A show of this calibre would not have been possible without such assistance. With proceeds from ticket sales, auctions and raffles, and individual generous donors we raised  over $11,000.

We had the two CEOs from MND NSW and Huntington's NSW along, Graham Opie and Robyn Kapp, and they spoke passionately about why we were doing this concert. It was really an inspiring night, mixing entertainment and community purpose...we were all chuffed with the support. 



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